Corded Jigsaws And Cordless

You are looking to get a jigsaw for your home and carpentry shop. On the market today, there are many types of jigsaw with full color, size, and features. That makes you having difficulty choosing the right one for your job

Two types of jigsaw are most popular on the market today: corded and cordless jigsaws. I know that many of you want to better understand these two types. Therefore, in today’s article, I will give a few criteria to debate the features of the two types. Are you curious about the information I will provide you right away? I won’t make you wait any longer. Let’s start exploring.

What are the two types of jigsaws?

Corded Jigsaws: This is the first type of jigsaws. As the name implies, this type is designed with a cord from the motor of the tool to the main power source to start and generate power for the tool.

 Cordless Jigsaws: Besides corded jigsaws, manufacturers are quick to create cordless jigsaw to give people more choices. As the name implies, this type is designed without plugging in the power cord when operating, you only need to charge it before use.

Compare features of two types of tool

To make it easy for you to choose the right tool, I will present some of the criteria that you need to consider each type below:

Power / Performance

The first criterion and I think most people care about is the performance of each type of tool, right?

According to many reviews from users, the energy of corded is more stable and stronger than the cordless type. It can operate for a long time and continuously. And conversely, cordless type or battery-powered tools can only be used until the battery runs out. This is quite inconvenient for large companies because you have to constantly charge the battery for the tool for it to work. If you want to use this type, you should buy the type with large battery capacity to be able to use longer

Note on selection: Each type of tool has its plus and minus points. Therefore, depending on your usage needs, please select the appropriate type of tool. For example, if you only use the best jigsaw to do household or small-scale cutting jobs, you might just need to buy cordless jigsaws. Besides, if you work in a large carpentry workshop and need to cut a lot of wood every day, you require to choose the corded type that is most suitable.


Next, in terms of weight and portability, cordless jigsaws have more advantages than corded jigsaws. Specifically, Because there is no cord, cordless jigsaws are quite light. That helps the carpenter can take it everywhere and use it when needed. And this advantage is also the biggest point of the tool that makes many people love. However, not all cordless jigsaw is lightweight.

Besides, with corded jigsaws, you can transport them if you want. However, it will take you a lot of effort because according to many previous users say that this type of tool is quite heavy and makes it difficult to move.


Price is an important factor that many users care about. As people often say, the higher the tool price, the better its quality and features. In the case of the prices of these two types of the jigsaw, that thought is not relevant. On the market today, because of its ease of movement and lightweight, a cordless jigsaw is much more expensive than a corded one.

Meanwhile, a corded jigsaw is a tool with more features and a better engine. Although cordless jigsaws have been constantly improved by the manufacturer, they are not as commonly used as corded jigsaws.


For safety, cordless jigsaws are safer than corded jigsaws. By not equipping a cord, you don’t have to worry about wires getting entangled with each other during use.

However, not everything is absolute. Before using any saw, you should read the user manual carefully to take preventive measures and handle the dangers that may occur to your body. Then you need to make sure to wear protective gear and wipe the workspace cleanly so that no potential hazard can happen.

In conclusion

Choosing one of these jigsaws will be difficult for those who have never used it before. The comparisons and information I give above will support you make the right and appropriate decision.

I hope that the knowledge I provided will be helpful for you in choosing the type of tool that best suits your needs. And finally, thank you for taking the time to read this article. Have a nice day!